House Smells Like Gas

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Another thing that smells somewhat like the odorant they use in natural gas is partially burned gas. Manufacturers add a chemical to natural gas and propane to give it a distinctive odor as they are naturally colorless.

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Gas Fireplace Smells Like Gas Gas Fireplace Smells Like Gas Gas Gas

Why Does My House Smell Like Gas Oven Smells Like Gas Why Does My

The unusual smell is immediately noticeable.

House smells like gas.
Put out your cigarette right away if youre smoking.
Natural gas is colourless odourless and non toxic.
What to do if you smell gas.

As a safety precaution to enable the speedy detection of a leak of natural gas a chemical that smells like rotten eggs is added to it.
The other more dangerous cause of a rotten egg smell in the home is a gas leak.
Make sure everyone in the house or building evacuates.

Manufacturers deliberately add that pungent odor to propane so its almost impossible to miss a possible leak.
If there is a propane leak in your house you most likely detect a skunky odor.
Do extinguish any flames that are lit.

Turn on the range hood fan to the highest setting.
Strange smells in your house and where they come from.
Do not ignite any flame in the house like cigarettes or candles.

What to do if you smell gas and a burner was inadvertently left in the on position.
Especially in areas of high moisture like your basement bathrooms and kitchen.
If you have a gas hot water heater you may be having an intermittent flue draft problem causing the combustion byproducts to backdraft into the house.

Heres what to do if there is a gas smell in the house.
If you do smell gas and especially if you smell gas and hear a hissing sound get out immediately leave the doors open so the gas can dissipate.
Other people think a leak smells like rotten eggs or a dead animal.

Immediately turn off the burner.
Do you smell gas in your house.
When natural gas appliances are operating properly there is no odour.

I smell gas in the house.