Venus In 1st House

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It also symbolizes ones watch initial contact with others and it is the door and entry point of the chart. Venus in the 1st house you are a likable magnetic attractive and charming person whose heart is often on your sleeve.

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Venus the much praised planet the great benefic as it is called in vedic astrology signifies love primarily the ability to give and receive love is well indicated by state of this planet in chart.

Venus in 1st house.
Venus in 1st house the goddess of love beauty sex luxury and all finer aspects of life arrives.
Unless venus is very challenged you are easy to befriend diplomatic and warm in self expression.
Venus in 1st house.

If the planet does not receive a lot of challenging aspects the native is kind hearted and diplomatic a tender soul that easily attracts other individuals.
This is when you become passive aggressive or pretend to have an idea whats going on when you dont.
Having the planet of beauty venus in the 1st house is an indicator of an attractive and charming person.

Venus in 1st house personality do have to be careful not to emit a false sense of bravado though.
It tends to give a lot of physical beauty.
Impressions are formed based on physical features as well as behavior therefore if the astrologer finds any planets in the first house it will often define appearance attitude mannerisms demeanor and disposition.

Venus in 1st house.
There are times when you are unsure of yourself but you dont want other people to know it.
Natal venus in the 1st house.